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About the Author

Hello, I’m Erik Manning. You may remember me from such blogs as FanGraphs and Beyond the Boxscore, or such films as Suckah Punched! or Kilbert Kilblossom Falls in Love.

You’re probably asking yourself “I thought you were a Cardinal fan. Why are you writing about my favorite team?” Well, it’s a long story, but I am still a Cardinal fan, and I do like the White Sox. I have this sick compulsion to write about sports teams that I follow, thus this blog. And I am now unable to watch any Cardinal games other the ones that are nationally broadcasted. Here’s my situation, in a nutshell –

  • I live in an apartment facing the wrong direction, so I can’t get a dish. Even if I wasn’t facing the wrong direction, the complex would charge an arm and leg to put up their mount.
  • I live in a blackout zone, so I can’t get and watch the Cardinals. Six teams are actually blacked out in Iowa, for some stupid reason.
  • I don’t get the Cardinals on TV,  the station that carried them dropped them.
  • I can’t switch cable companies, where I live there is no competition.
  • I do get lots of Cubs and White Sox games on TV. My dislike for the Cubs runs deep, and I do like the White Sox. So what I’ve done is I’ve decided to follow the Sox as my second team. That’s allowed, right?

What you’ll find here: Sabermetric analysis on the White Sox from someone who is still trying to get a handle on sabermetrics. And you’ll find the occasional snark. I’m still learning about the team, so I’m thinking blogging about them will prove to be a crash course on Sox 101.

Go Sox.

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