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Graph: Designated to not hit


Jim already hit the nail on the head about Ozzie’s faulty defense of not re-signing Jim Thome, and how it shouldn’t have been Ozzie’s call to begin with.

I just thought I’d once again enter trained monkey mode and present to you a graph showing just how bad the clusterfart DH situation of ours compares to the rest of the American League.

wRAA is runs above average, it’s the batting part of WAR. These numbers are are unadjusted for park.

Before the season started, Dave Cameron asked the question “is the DH dying?”, where he cited the Tigers, Mariners, Yankees and White Sox as teams going with a rotating DH. I can see the wisdom behind the rotating DH idea; it does offer some flexibility, it’s just that there’s not much the charred remains of Jones and Kotsay ever really had to offer. Shocking, I know.  Judging by the graph, the Tigers and, good grief, the Mariners, didn’t do so well with the rotating DH, either. The Yankees traded for Lance Berkman, and we know Kenny Williams had something in place for Berkman before getting the rebuff from Fat Elvis.

The DH is alive and well, methinks. Let’s not repeat this failure again.

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