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Sox-Related Linkage


Thanks to Jeremy Greenhouse, I learned today that Edwin Jackson only gets stronger as the game goes on. His fastball speed actually goes up throughout the course of a game.

Over at the FanGraphs community blog, Gavin Floyd is used as case study that xFIP works. “Good Gavin” or “Evil Gavin” doesn’t exist according to xFIP.

Chris Sale has been called up. Excitement! Promise! Hype! Here’s some video via BA and a detailed scouting report from Baseball Daily Digest.

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  1. Nick Schaefer permalink
    2010/08/04 11:58 AM

    Chris Sale reaching the majors this year was part of his contract negotiation. They got him at a lower price than most expected, and got him to sign much sooner than any other comparable 1st round picks. That’s the trade off for starting his service time so soon.

    I believe several teams passed on him due to perceived signability issues, which the White Sox worked around quite creatively.

    • 2010/08/04 4:59 PM

      that is pretty creative. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. Nick Schaefer permalink
    2010/08/05 10:55 AM

    Glad to help – I learn a lot from reading here.

    Is there a PHP Twitter?

    • 2010/08/05 5:22 PM

      thanks. As for twitter, it’s

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