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Delayed Reaction: Game Twenty


Biggest contribution: Mark Teahen +5.9% win probability added.
Goat: Juan Pierre -23.5%

May Juan Pierre be put on notice: He’s officially on my doo-doo list, alongside A.J. Pierzynski. Pierre pretty much single-handedly destroyed this game. Matt Treanor’s two-RBI “double” in the fourth inning cost the Sox -15.6% in win expectancy, and it was the biggest play of the game. I say double in quotations because it’s a play that Pierre should have made. On the offensive end, Mark Teahen led off the 7th inning with a single, only for Juan Pierre to ground into a double play. That killed what hopes the Sox had left by -11%. Add up all of Juan Pierre’s failures to do anything offensively, and the lion share of the loss goes to Juan Pierre.

It would be great if Juan Pierre would go away. I’m sure he’s a good guy and all, this isn’t personal, but he is a replacement player. You don’ t give regular jobs to replacement level players. You don’t let them lead-off. I don’t care if he’s fast, I don’t care how many bases he can steal or how good he is a bunting. There is nothing separating Juan Pierre from what you can find on the waiver wire. And if he can’t even field his position well, you’re left with a player not even worth a spot on your roster as a defensive replacement/pinch-runner/occasional spot starter.

This really shouldn’t have to even be said, really.

You got some ‘splaining to do, Ozzie. Why is Donnie LOO-SY batting late in a game with the bases loaded with Teahen on your bench? I realize Teahen cannot hit lefty pitching. I have his true talent against LHP as a .305 wOBA. That’s…bad, the rest of last night’s bench actually projects as worse, but Teahen has actually been showing a good eye this season and Donnie Lucy, while great in small samples this season, is still Donnie Lucy.

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  1. 2010/04/28 6:05 PM

    why you gotta talk badly about lucy? and his name is donny!, eric.

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