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Game Nineteen Reaction



The pick that clicked: Paul Konerko +49.4% win probability added
The pick that did not click: A.J. Pierzynski -14.5%
Most important at-bat: Konerko’s go-ahead HR in the 8th +28.6%
Most important pitch: Ken Griffey’s game ending K +14.3%
Total Lineup contribution: +6.1%
Total pitching contribution: +43.9%


John Danks is good at pitching.

Fun, mostly meaningless split statistics: Against finesse pitchers, the Sox lineup has an OPS+ of 79. In high leverage situations, the Sox lineup has an OPS+ of 115.

That could have been a little easier of a victory, but huzzah! for victories. There were several timess in the game I counted where the Sox should have plated more runs than they did.

  1. The Sox had a run expectancy of 1.87 in the first inning with runners on the corners with no outs. Jones went down on strikes, killing RE by 66 points.
  2. The passed ball happened, giving the Sox a 1-0 lead. Konerko walked and they had runners on first and second with one out, meaning RE of .94. Pierzynski the Destroyer grounded out to short, and Quentin followed suit.
  3. In the sixth inning, Jones singled and Konerko hit a ground rule double, giving the Sox a RE of 2.02. Pierzynski the Destroyer popped up the first pitch on the infield, killing RE by 59%. Quentin hit another weak groundball to score at least one run to tie, but it was another missed opportunity.
  4. Teahen doubled in the 7th to lead off. RE was 1.15. Alexei went down whiffing (-45%), Pierre grounded out (-37%) and Beckham lined out (-33% RE).

Mercifully, three runs was enough.

Thank goodness Bobby Jenks learned that Ken Griffey Jr. cannot catch up to a high fastball these days.

Tyler Flowers has a .421 wOBA for Triple-A Charlotte and may A.J. Pierzynski be put on notice: He’s officially on my doo-doo list.

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  1. 2010/04/25 5:17 PM

    welcome to the aj pierzynski doo-doo list club.

  2. The Wizard permalink
    2010/04/26 12:51 PM

    Tyler Flowers has a .421 wOBA for Triple-A Charlotte and may A.J. Pierzynski be put on notice:

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