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Game Eighteen Reaction



The pick that clicked: Alex Rios +90.5% (Yay!!!)
Bailed out: Bobby Jenks -40.4% (Boo!)

You saw it, but here’s my takeaways:

  • Ozzie Guillen needs to magically order his rotation so that Freddy Garcia can pitch on eight days rest more often, without throwing the rest of his staff through the meat grinder. His max speed on his fastball was 92 MPH, he averaged out at 89 and he got his share of whiffs on his change-up. Best of all, the results were good.
  • In case you were wondering, the fan interference cost the White Sox 7.9% in win expectancy. Fan interference should result in the death penalty. Awarding Wilson home was a weird call by the umpire, though.
  • Walking Ken Griffey Jr., who is at the stage of his career in which he plays team mascot, should result in some other sort of capital punishment. Not the death penalty, but some sort of public humiliation.
  • On the happy side, it’s nice to see you again, Mr. Aardsma.
  • This game was the biggest game of Rios’ career in terms of  win probability added. Snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat rules.
  • Eric Byrnes’ HR saving non-catch that resulted in a double for Alexei Ramirez was worth 9.4% in win expectancy for the opposition. In other words, if it went out, the at-bat would have resulted in 36.9% in WPA instead of 27.5%. That’s a pretty impactful non-play.
  • Doug Fister is an oddity. He threw a bazillion fastballs (85% of his pitches) at a blistering speed of 89 MPH. Of those fastballs, he missed four bats. I can’t imagine he’ll continue to be this successful.
  • Paul Konerko is on pace to hit 50 homers.

You just won’t see too many games like this one. Instead of a frustrating defeat, this was an elating win. And it locks up a series win, finally.

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