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Mocking the MLB Draft: Early Edition


In case you haven’t seen, SBN has added a new blog into their large stable. Andy Seiler is the new Captain Hairdo of the MLB draft, sans the hairdo. He has a mock draft of what he thinks will go down in the first round, here’s the Sox-related info:

13. Chicago White Sox – Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee – I get the feeling that the White Sox are in the midst of trying to rejuvenate the hitting side of their system, even while hearing whispers about their desire for pitching this year. Brentz has convinced some detractors with strong performances this year, though that was before he went down with an ankle injury a couple weeks ago. He offers one of the best bats in the class, though with question marks about his pitch recognition. Previously: 20, 22, 26.

Poor pitch recognition? Sure, come on down! I’m personally not a fan of defensively limited players who HAVE to be a major plus with the bat in order to provide value, especially when they have the poor pitch recognition tag. But he does have some pretty massive power. His current raw and adjusted stats, courtesy of

Raw 83 29 4 0 8 15 23 0.349 0.446 0.687
Adjusted 83 25 3 0 7 15 23 0.301 0.406 0.590

Here’s Seiler’s full profile on Brentz
. Here’s a detailed scouting report on him. And here’s some video of Brentz in action-

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