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Game Reaction: Numero Eleven


The pick that clicked: Mark Teahen +14.5% win probability added
Had a rough night: Mark Buehrle -32.7%
Pitching -31.7%
Hitting: -18.3%

I didn’t get to see this one, either. I don’t get the WCIU games on Friday night, so Friday night has officially become family fun/date night. I hate missing Buehrle pitch, but I’m glad I missed out on this one.

Mitch Talbot got only three swinging strikes on the entire night, yet 17 of the balls put in play against him were grounders, thanks to what looks like a pretty nice cut fastball and some hacktastic swinging. Sox hitters didn’t draw a walk, and averaged just 3.2 pitches per plate appearance. That’s just pitiful.

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  1. MrGrinch permalink
    2010/04/17 3:44 AM

    i hate WCIU. i dont get it either… instead got to watch the bhawks suck it up..
    thanks for updating this site so frequently, love reading it!

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