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Delayed Reaction: Game Ten


Top contributor: Juan Pierre 2.9% win probability added
Goat: Freddy Garcia -26.8%

This game was a blueprint on how to be horrible if you’re Freddy Garcia. Throw a bunch of 87 MPH fastballs down the heart of the plate:

Garcia was bad, and so was a lineup that I would expect to normally be pretty good against lefties. Against Dana Eveland.

That’s all I have time for today. Oh, some links –

  • There’s some interesting back and forth between Rob Neyer and Alex Remington about A.J.’s hit-by-pitch fakery. As much as I admire Pierzynski for doing what he can to get on base when his team is being dominated, I think I’m with Rob on this one. There’s no need to stone Pierzynski, but I think he knew exactly what he was doing and it’s against the rules. The integrity of the game has been so tarnished by so many things over the years, we tend to wink at this sort of stuff, but rules are put in place for a reason.
  • Joe Cowley is taking a leaf out of the President’s script from the movie Canadian Bacon, trying to start a phony cold-war between us and Canada. Except for the movie is hilarious, Cowley is not. At all. But I’m sure it got him some of the attention he wanted.
  • My pal Adam Darowski takes a look at the WAR-Lords of the White Sox. Absolutely great stuff. I’ve never really understood the “Harold Baines for the Hall” crowd. And Lee Tannewho?

Mitch Talbot will be making his second big league start tonight. He walked a 5 batters in 5 innings against the Tigers in his debut. He threw 103 pitches and only got one swinging strike.

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