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Jack Cust is available, not that the White Sox care


It’s hard to believe, but the Church of On-Base percentage just excommunicated their patron saint. Jack Cust was designated for assignment. Weird, huh? Apparently they think Eric Chavez will be a better DH, which is sort of like thinking Mark Kostay or Andruw Jones would be a better DH than Jim Thome. Oh, snap!

I want Jack Cust, but I know it’s not going to happen. The Fans, ZiPS, CHONE and Marcel all are in harmony with their projections for Cust – a .360 wOBA, or about 15 runs above average. That’s not quite the production from his halcyon days, but a clear rebound from his season last year. And I don’t think I have to tell you, that would be an upgrade from what the Sox now have.

There are some definite worries about Cust. Aside from being bumped for the sake of Undead Eric Chavez, he’s the living definition of “old player skills” and is now 31. His walks, homers per fly ball and isolated power all went south last season, or at least compared to his norms. Even the average distance of his fly balls went down from 330 and 327 feet in ’07-’08, to just 309 last year.

But still, he’d probably be an upgrade, and he’s a freely available upgrade at that. The fit is just too perfect for it to happen, and we know Ozzie will have none of it.  Slow-footed, three-true outcome DH’s have no place on this White Sox team. After all, a month of meaningless spring training at-bats clearly proves it: Kotsay>Cust.

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  1. 2010/04/03 11:44 PM

    Hopefully he’s still available in May when Mark Kotsay inevitably hits like, you know, Mark Kotsay. But even then it’d make too much sense for the Sox to sign him…so they obviously won’t and instead will trade for, I don’t know, Lyle Overbay.


  2. 2010/04/04 12:16 AM

    kotsay>cust? no. kotsay=cust? maybe. i don’t want either on my team.

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